The Bright Future

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Outlandish Curiosity

Adventurous Art Book and journey of creation.
Launching the crowdfunding soon. Stay tuned.

One Ticket To Elsewhere, Please

Anywhere but here…

The Unfolding Present


Poems beckon beyond.

The Glorious Past

Sunshine In Suburbia

Everything's poppin' in sunny Palm Perfect…

The Miranda Commands It

Welcome aboard your new home among the stars…

Beyond The Pale Blue

In the howling night there was a harness of flame…

Pax Eudaemonia Music Album

Ode to the dreamers!

Thralls Of Technology

What's in the box?

Zoa Constrictor

Are we dirt, or are we dancer?

Fount Everspring

Life's Wonderflow.


Sex. Psychology. Complexity. Essentialized.

The Reflection Collection

An illustrated omnibus of Kevin's early short stories.